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32” European Terra Cotta - Aquascape Patio Pond UK - 82cm


We have available three finishes: This one the European Terra Cotta plus we have Desert Granite and Green Slate.

These pre formed ponds are available in three sizes 60cm (24”), (82cm) 32", (1m) 40” diameter and are sold Individually.
Do you love the beauty of water gardens but lack the space for a pond? Aquascape Patio Ponds make it simple to have a complete water garden in any setting without ever having to touch a shovel. The integrated plant shelf and plumbing ports make creating a beautifully planted container water garden easier than ever. The durable fibreglass construction is lightweight, ages like real stone, and never fades or chips. Aquascape Patio Ponds can be used to transform any outdoor or indoor environment and the natural finish allows the feature to blend easily into a wide variety of settings. 

Incorporate the soothing sound of running water with the Aquascape "Deer Scarer" Bamboo Fountain #78013, Aquascape Pouring 3-Tier Fountain #78015 or the Aquascape Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain #78014 - pictured in images (*Sold Separately)


Small Round Patio Pond - Round 


60cm Diameter 30cm High

(24” Diameter) 24” x 24” x 12”

L x W x H in Inches    

Weight 28lbs

Medium Patio Pond - Round


82cm Round Diameter 35cm High

(32” Diameter) 32” x 32” x 14”    

L x W x H in Inches 

Weight 44lbs

Large Patio Pond - Round 


1m Diameter 40cm High

(40” Diameter) 40” x 40” x 16”    

L x W x H in Inches 

Weight 51lbs



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