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Naughty Dog Spitter

Naughty Dog Spitter

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Naughty Dog Spitter - Water Feature

Are you a dog lover, do you want to make your friends and family smile.

Create a smile a little bit of fun with this whimsical water feature. Of course, you must have a sense of humour to enhance your pond or water feature with the statement piece that comes in the form of a Naughty Dog Spitter. 

It is meant to be next to a pond but me have also installed this feature on a small aqua basin 30 or you can purchased a pot for it and it is adorable, sounds like a nice fountain. You might have seen a few different spitters but before this we had never seen a peeing dog water feature.

Aquascape Spitters are lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to UV and heat exposure.  Made from high-quality poly-resin.

The spitter provides the relaxing sound of water as it falls. The feature encapsulates the texture, shape, and finish of real brass at a fraction of the cost. Fountain measures 45cm long and 26cm high. Aquascape is passionate about the products they produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.

* Enhances the beauty of your pond or water feature
* Made of high-quality poly-resin
* Lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to UV and heat
* Encapsulates the look of real brass
* Pump Not Included - Recommend Pump Size: 680 Litres Per Hours

What are the dimensions of this little dog, water feature?
* Size: 45cm (18.5”) Length x 25cm (10”) Wide x 26cm (10.5”) High

How much does the naughty dog fountain weigh?
* Weight: 2600 Grams (5.75lbs) heavy resin

What our clients have said
“My 3yr old grandson was hysterical with laughter after seeing my new peeing dog water feature. He's mid potty training, so he's particularly interested”
“Thanks mark, my peeing dog was well packaged and I did not realise how heavy duty it was”

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