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Floating Plant Planter - Island

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Floating Pond Plant Planter

The Aquascape Floating Plant Island is ideal for displaying aquatic plants in deeper areas of ponds where no plant shelves are available.
As the leading aquascape retailer in the UK water feature shop are proud to offer these fantastic floating planters to our customers.
These floating pond plant containers a designed to stay afloat at the surface of the pond, the island provides stunning options for creating beautiful aquatic plant displays in the form of a free floating islands containing water garden.
Made from fine, porous material, the planters allow water in while preventing soil from entering the pond. This helps to keep your pond clean and clear and protects the plants from fish. The black colour of the island allows it to easily blend in with its surroundings.
The island measures 375mm long by 275mm wide (15" by 11").

Creates a beautiful, one-of-a-kind floating aquatic plant island
If your looking for the best pond plants suitable for floating baskets
check out Marks Video on YouTube, he not only talks about's these diy floating pond planters

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