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aquagarden pond kit


AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit (We currently need the holiday adapters, for US traveler coming to the UK)

Packaged Weight: 8.6kg

Packaged Dimensions: 61cmL x 61cmW x 35.5cmH

Kit Includes:

• AquaGarden Mini Pond

• Plant and waterfall filter

• Waterfall light

• Water pump with low-suction attachment

• Expanded clay grow media

• (2) Decorative gravel

Add a small pond and water garden to any outdoor or indoor location with the Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit. This complete kit includes everything you need to get started, simply add your favourite plants and watch them grow. Great plant additions to the upper water garden include some houseplants, herbs, marginal plants, and more.

The lower pond area holds 19 to 26 litres of water and is a great place for floating plants, a small water lily, or even a few small fish to create a recirculating aquaponics system.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, injection moulded container is lightweight and built to last
  • Integrated plant and waterfall filter cleans water and houses plants
  • Pump with low-suction attachment maximises water usage and circulation
  • Integrated waterfall light illuminates the waterfall
  • Expanded clay grow media provides an ideal environment for plant growth
  • Decorative gravel in upper waterfall weighs down and disguises the grow media
  • Decorative gravel in lower pond beautifies the pond and provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to help keep the water clean

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